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Screen damage, screen bleeding, screen smashed, screen only shows a part of desktop but the rest is either black & white lines or coloured lines or both and a crack with what might look like a bleeding effect. The screen may not even come on at all and even though this may look permanent it is easily fixable.
You will need a small list of tools and other items to do this job properly:
·         Small Philips or crosshead screwdriver.
·         Small container for holding screws, a daily pill container is perfect as it has different compartments for different screws.
·         A box suitable for putting a broken screen in ready for disposal.
First of all you will need to remove the screen bezel and this is simply done by removing the rubber tabs or screw covers on your screen bezel. Once the rubber tabs have been removed you will find screws underneath. Some of them don’t have screws underneath it is best to take them off and make sure. Once you have removed the screws it is time to remove the bezel.
To remove the bezel you will need to get your finger nail between the bezel itself and the screen and start to pull it away, CAREFULLY! You must do this with GREAT CARE as you can pull off the fixing clips, so do it nice and slow. I usually start from the top of the bezel and work my way round to the bottom going down each side individually. If you are going to start from the top then make sure that when you start lifting the bezel away from the screen that you have pushed in any screen locking catch to the open position so it does not catch the bezel and pull out the mechanism.
Once you have removed the bezel put it to one side where it won’t get knocked or scratched etc. you will need to unscrew the screen from the long section of the screen hinges, usually held in with tiny Philips head screws. Make sure you keep a hold of the screen when you are unscrewing the last few screws as it will fall away very easily. Once you have unscrewed all the screws that hold the screen and rest it face down very gently so you can see the screen connecting cable at the back of the screen.
To remove the screen cable you must first gently remove any tape that is holding the cables plug into the screens socket. You must then free the plug end of the cable away from the screen as it is usually held onto the screen with some adhesive. Once you have freed the cable from the screen the plug should slide out of the screens socket easily, Make sure you do this with great CAUTION!
Remove the screen and take a note of the model number, if you are unsure of this then take a note of all the numbers on it. Now all you need to know is the screen type and model number and you can purchase one online. If you simply type its model number into Google or Ebay then you should find a replacement, oem or original screen.
Please bare in mind that if you choose us to fix your screen then you get a 1 year manufacturers warranty and a 6 month warranty on all work carried out. Please do not attempt this if you are unsure in anyway!