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Side Effects:
·         Laptop freezing or hanging in one place after being on for sometime
·         Laptop switching off by itself after being on for some time
·         Laptop getting very hot underneath around the air vents
·         Laptop going very slow after being on for sometime

What happens to all laptops after time is that they suck in so much dust that it blocks the air passage between the heatsink and the fan in the heatsink fan unit. This causes a heat problem as the heatsink fan unit struggles to circulate air, cant get rid of the hot air, heat builds up and it causes a heat problem within your laptop. The usual side effects of a heatsink fan not working properly range from the system getting hotter than it used to get, the laptop freezing while you are doing something, the laptop switching itself off, restarting when in the middle of doing something, starting to go very slow, the outlet vent not blowing much air or very hot air or a loud fan. If any of the latter problems have started to happen with your laptop then switch it off immediately and take it to your nearest, trusted computer repair engineer and ask them to please unclog the heatsink fan unit.
If you fancy having a crack at this yourself then you will have to be a competent computer fixer otherwise it will be the biggest challenge you will have faced in a long time. You will usually have to strip the laptop right down to nothing and rebuild it. If you want to try and do this yourself hen please follow the instructions on my other post on how to strip your laptop. I cannot be held responsible for any problems caused by people using this guide.
This can cause serious problems for your laptop and can eventually burn out the motherboard and any components near it that are prone to heat issues. The hard drive on certain models is placed very close to the heatsink fan system causing unwanted problems with your hard disc drive.
All laptops are prone to dust blockage. This happens as a result of your laptop sucking in cool air for its cooling circulation. You will notice that your laptop sucks in air from one vent (usually underneath) and blows it out of another vent (usually at the side or the back). When the laptop is sucking in air it will suck dust in to and this eventually causes a blockage. The fan is part of the heatsink fan unit that cools down your processor or CPU and if this overheats your computer will shut down. This works a lot like a car radiator with the radiator cooling down the engine by utilizing the air that is blown through the front bumpers grill, cooling the liquid thus cooling the engine.