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Where is the rest of my screen? / I can only see part of my screen!
Your computer screen has shifted over and you are only seeing a part of your screen whether this means most of it or a smaller portion. All you need to do is find the button on your lcd monitor that says auto, with some models you may have to press another button prior to pressing this button, as with some models this button have a double function. If this does not work for you then you may have recently added a graphics card and not loaded the drivers onto your system, same can apply for integrated graphics driver not being loaded. To make sure your graphics driver has been loaded please follow these simple few steps; press the start button bottom far left corner of your screen and where it says computer windows 7, vista) or my computer (windows xp), go to the icon and right click on it, on the submenu left click on properties, select device drivers from the new window that opens up, left click the little triangle like arrow at the side of where it says display adapters and see if your graphics have been installed. If it says standard display adapter then you don’t have your graphics driver installed but if it states the correct graphics GPU you are using then your driver will be installed.
All my text and/ or Icons are too big or too small?
If you find that your desktop shows icons and text too small or too big then you may need to change the resolution of your screen. this can simply be done by right clicking on an empty space of your desktop screen and choosing the screen resolution option with a left click. when you change to a different resolution you will then get a window popping up asking you if you would like to stay at this resolution or if you would like to go back to the one you were at previously. This enables you to try different screen sizes out without having to get stuck with a resolution that you don’t want to use.
Sometimes you can find that the text on your internet explorer page has gone too big or too small. Maybe you have pressed the ctrl (control button) and the plus or minus sign at the same time by mistake as this will zoom in and out of your internet explorer page.